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BillionaireBabies, LLC respects the privacy of your contact information and therefore will NEVER sell your information to any third party.

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BillionaireBabies helps your children:

  • Build a bridge between what they are learning in school and the practical world of business.
  • Deepen their interest and motivation in school.
  • Grow into a lifelong learner.
  • Advance their communication skills.
  • Learn basic business principles.
  • Create their very own business.
  • Develop a work ethic for success in school, sports, music, and more.
  • Expand their team expertise and personal performance.
  • Become a good to great leader and an assertive and effective follower.
  • Understand the true value of building relationships.

Welcome to BillionaireBabies, an international enterprise designed to empower children of all ages and nationalities to realize their potential. We offer educational products that supplement the school curriculum allowing children the opportunity to connect what they are learning in school to what it is like running their own business. The result is a lifelong love of learning. BillionaireBabies is for parents who want their children to have every opportunity to be the best they can possibly be.

Just Amazing

“I first came to Linda Samuels as a struggling sophomore who didn’t understand chemistry. Within weeks of working with Linda, my grade went from failure to a B; it didn’t stop there.”

Althea, (Student)

Above and Beyond

“Linda goes above and beyond what one would expect from a teacher. She cares about each student as an individual and gives 110 percent.”

Leslie, (Parent)

I Am So Lucky

“Linda Samuels, a brilliant, helpful mentor, is an amazing tutor and friend. Through her one-on-one help with school work, she¬†helped me to fix and strengthen all aspects of my life.”

Emma, (Student)